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Watching TV on Your Computer with iTunes

Just a few years ago, we looked forward into the future envisioning a day and age where we would be able to watch TV shows and movies on our computer at the same quality of TV broadcasts. Today there are so many different ways to watch TV shows and movies on your computer and I want to try and cover as many of them as possible because I believe that this is the way of the future.

Most people are familiar of iTunes or have at least heard of it. Apple released iTunes a few years back as a place where consumers could legally download music. This way the music artists were happy because they were getting paid and the consumer was happy because there was a place they could go to legally download quality music at a very affordable price. In the last few years Apple has also introduced TV shows and movies with the iTunes service.

I think that the TV shows and movies sections of iTunes are often over looked, because people just associate it with music. However recently I have been buying a lot of TV shows and movies off iTunes (all 3 seasons of Lost, National Treasure and Ratatouille just to name a few) to watch on my laptop when I’m traveling and so far I have been very pleased.

Lets face it, the majority of us have downloaded or watched movies and TV shows illegally over the internet in the past. I think for most people though it wasn’t because they didn’t want to pay for it but it was because they didn’t have the option to pay for a quality version of it. I personally started buying TV shows and movies off iTunes because of the convince. I didn’t have to search the web for 3 hours to find a crappy quality version of some show online. I could go to iTunes, buy it, and within 5 minutes it was downloaded and on my computer ready for me to watch.

The iTunes software is easy to download and install, and just as easy to use. One thing that Apple is known for is the usability and simplicity of their products, and this can be seen with iTunes. If you have never used iTunes before it won’t take you very long to learn how to get around.

With iTunes 7 Apple introduced something called Cover Flow which allows you to browse through your entire library of songs, movies, and TV shows visually by their covers. This is one of my favorite features of iTunes and looks beautiful if you have a video ipod or a new iPod Touch. Traditional ways to sort and browse your songs are built in as well such as list view for example.

The only downside of iTunes I have found so far is the fact that browsing the iTunes store can be slow sometimes. I’m not really sure if this is just my internet connection or a problem on Apple’s end however sometimes it can be annoying when you click “buy” and it takes about 3 minutes for anything to happen. This happens rarely enough though that it isn’t a major problem.

Overall iTunes is a great option for those looking to download tv shows and movies legally. Although most major studios haven’t signed on to iTunes for movies yet, most television shows can be found there for download. If you have the Apple TV you can watch all your downloads on your television as well. If you are looking to watch live TV channels on your computer you may want to check out something like My New Satellite TV.

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