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Live Satellite TV on Your PC Review – Watch TV on Your Computer

Verdict: Good Solid Program, Easy to Use, Video on Demand is Great.

Over the past few months I have been reviewing pretty much every piece of software out there that lets you watch TV on your computer. Although there are a ton of options for watching live tv on your PC out there, its important to choose the one thats right for you. lets you watch live tv on your pc through software that you install, with no hardware required. This software allows you to receive tv channels through the internet. Free-Satellite-Network allows you to watch over 2500 channels including the following:

MTV Overdrive
Comedy Central
Discovery Channel
Broadway Network
Game Network
ITN entertainment
MovieSat Network
Adult Swim

You also get all of your local channels, premium movie channels as well as On Demand content just like on cable. Free-Satellite-Network really pushes on the fact that all you need is an internet connection for their software to work, so I decided to put it to the test.

I purchased and downloaded the software from their website which was fairly easy to navigate and use. They have a few different membership options available, you can either purchase the software for a one time fee, or pay monthly. Installing the software only took a few minutes (probably around 3 minutes is my estimate) however on Windows Vista it may take longer.

Once I installed the software, I put in the username and password that I signed up for the service with. The software then instantly connected and presented me with a guide of a ton of different channels to choose from.

After selecting Comedy Central, it took a second for it to connect to the live tv stream however when it did I was pretty impressed. The quality was a lot better than I was expecting. When you think of streaming television on the internet you often think of those little video boxes on websites or youtube. The television picture I received through this however took up most of the screen and was very clear. After we browsed around a bit we found that some channels are clearer than others but for the most part its not a big deal.

One feature that sets this software apart from its competitors is the fact that it gives you the option to record programs and has video on demand features that turns your PC into a DVR. This allows you to record programs and also pause and rewind live TV. Another great additional feature is the ability to listen to Digital Radio, even though this isn’t groundbreaking it is a nice feature to have integrated into the software.

Overall the software and service was very easy to use. One thing I do want to mention however is that you NEED a broadband internet connection like cable internet or DSL for this to work. Most people these days have broadband though (if you don’t you reaallly need to upgrade) so this really isn’t a problem.

You can read more about and Sign Up Here.

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