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John Q Internet TV For Men – Review

Verdict: If your a guy and want to watch TV on the internet as well as movies on demand and adult entertainment than you NEED to check out John Q.


Awhile back we posted our first impressions of a relatively new internet television service that provided exclusive content for men. John Q TV offers all of your favorite manly channels online such as Comedy Central, Spike TV, ESPN, and even Playboy and Hustler channels if you are into adult entertainment.

This is really the first and only internet TV service we have come across that is specifically designed for men so at first we weren’t really sure what to expect. Basically how the service works is you sign up for a membership on the website You get a three day trial to the service for around $5 which was pretty reasonable.

It only takes about two minutes to get through the sign up process and then you are good to go. Unlike other TV on your PC or Live Internet TV services, with JohnQ there is no software to download, everything is viewed through your web browser which makes life a lot easier. This way you don’t have to worry about going through an installation process or ever updating any software, you just start your web browser, go to, Sign in and your good to go.

Once we created an account and got situated with that we were logged in and I was immediately impressed with the amount of content and features the John Q service had available. The content is divided in a few sections, the actual TV channel streams are in one section, video on demand in another section for the 18+ adult entertainment (called after hours) as well.

In the television section John Q has literally thousands of different TV shows, clips, and trailers available for you to access and watch at any time. The quality of the shows is a lot better than something you would find on YouTube, you actually feel like your watching television on your computer which I find is rare with these TV on your PC services.

John Q has over 3,000,000 movies and videos in the on demand section. Now thats a lot of content. Although we obviously couldn’t watch everything John Q was offering what we did watch were the same shows that you find on television. Overall we were very impressed with the video on demand section and it works the same was as the on demand that you may have with your digital cable or satellite service.

One thing you will notice about John Q immediately especially if your a guy is that everywhere you look there are girls, girls and more girls. John Q has a whole section called after hours which is loaded with full adult movies that you can watch. This is a feature that is unique to John Q, there are no other TV on your PC services that really offer anything like this. If you are not looking for adult content however, don’t worry – we found that John Q still has plenty to offer in the other sections.

Overall we really enjoyed checking out John Q Internet TV for Men. Every now and then you come across a service that is innovative and just gives you a good feeling inside, well this is that service. John Q is an awesome service with a ton of content at a very affordable price.

You can check out John Q and Sign Up Here

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