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5 Great Ways to Watch Live Sports Games Online

If you are a huge sports buff like I am you are always trying to catch this weeks game. However in this day an age we are all so busy with work and other activities and it seems like its harder then ever to be able to sit down on a Sunday and watch a football game. I’m constantly working on my computer both at home and at the office so when I started to hear about people watching football and sports games on the internet I was intrigued. I started to look into it more and I found quite a few different ways you can watch the NFL, NBA, MLB and other sports online.


The first and probably the best way I found to watch sports online is through a service called This service allows you to watch thousands of channels through software that you download and install on your computer. You can watch channels like ESPN right on your computer. The service is easy to use and very inexpensive to buy. I highly recommend checking it out. You can find a complete review of Live-Satellite-Network that we posted previously here.

2. JohnQ Internet TV for Men

The second way you can watch sports games on your computer is through JohnQ TV for Men. This is a service similar to however its targeted exclusively at men. The JohnQ service allows you to watch premium sports and movie channels through the internet.

JohnQ has channels like ESPN and the NFL Network. Probably the best part about JohnQ is the quality of the channels. If you are looking to watch your favorite NFL team in the clearest picture possible over the internet, JohnQ is probably the way to go. You can read more about JohnQ TV for Men Here.

3. DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Online

If you are really into Football and have DirecTV Sunday Ticket you can now watch most of the games right from your computer. DirecTV started broadcasting most of their Sunday Ticket games through their website that all Sunday Ticket subscribers can access at no additional cost.

Although this is only available to those with DirecTV its definitely one of the best ways to watch sports online. This only paves the way for other competing cable and satellite companies who will also start offering sports broadcasts and shows online.

One free alternative to watching sports online is through . This website allows you to watch a number of sports related channels directly in your web browser. Although doesnt have a very large selection of channels and the picture quality isn’t quite as good as and JohnQ TV, its hard to argue with free.

5. The Sports League Official Website

If you are into the Football, Basketball, Baseball or Hockey and you are looking to take a free approach to watching sports online you can watch game highlights and clips on the actual leagues websites. probably has the best website, it allows you to watch the game plays and stats in real time through an advanced flash application, the technology behind the whole thing is pretty amazing. The other sports league websites such as, and have similar features and allow you to watch highlights, clips, and short videos.

One Response to “5 Great Ways to Watch Live Sports Games Online”
Cindy - January 3rd, 2008 at 9:48 pm

Great Tips. My husband and I don’t have cable, so I’m bookmarking this page! Thank you for participating in Fitness for Moms Carnival.

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